Kind of a dilemma happening at the moment, I feel like I may be in need of a holiday.

I hear you saying why wouldn’t you be? Well I like my job and I get to travel a bit so I don’t feel trapped in an office evironment all of the time like some people do. Then again travelling for work isn’t the same, but ever since I started working for the same company since I was a teen I’ve never been one to take holidays or actually go anywhere when I take them.

I have a fair bit of leave built up at work and my last real holiday was Japan in 2007 for 3 weeks. Since then I’ve probably been away twice with my mates on few days away locally etc….

So I’m having trouble deciding what I want to do, I love to push myself and be challenged so I’ve been looking into adventure style holidays and there are 2 ones that interest me at the moment

  • Peru, Trek from Cusco to Macchu Pichu
  • Mt Everest base camp trek

I mean these would be great fun and something definately up my alley but you also have to look on the other hand, what is a holiday to some people? laying around on a beach ? I don’t mind it but find myself bored very quickly

I had thought maybe like go to the whitsundays hamilton Island for a few days of sun, water and kayacking etc…. might be great fun or a P&O cruise for 12 days drinking myself silly could also be great fun….painful but fun 🙂

well I’ll sleep on it some more and decide soon hopefully….otherwise just leave the holidays in the bank lol

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