Too excited to sleep….

I should be trying to sleep as I lay here typing this out…Training course tomorrow and all lol But I just have to get this out!

For a while now I’ve known that there was a Green Lantern movie coming out, based on my Fav. Comic book superhero ever! Just checking around now though more pictures and a video interview have been released.

The Green Lantern Corps. is a military style organisation based on the Planet OA, and administered by an Alien race known as the Guardians (little blue men).

The Role of the Green Lanterns is to patrol the 3600 sectors that space has been divided up into, as Policemen basically. They are interstellar peacekeepers generally chosen from their sector of space, but being chosen requires a lot from the person. The GL of sector 2184 (earth) is Hal Jordan, a test pilot, man without fear….Was chosen to succeed Abin Sur, an alien who crash landed here when he was attacked. He became the Greatest GL to ever wear the ring…….Seen below in a shot from the 2009 animated feature Green Lantern: First flight

Ryan Reynolds has been chosen for the role of Hal Jordan in the upcoming movie…..I was a little hesitant when i first heard this, I mean this guy is going to play my comic book fav right? why wouldn’t I be worried! but after seeing the interview and what he looks like in the suit on the cover of the mag below the idea is growing on me…

I think the thing that has convinced me was at the end of the video, you can hear Reynolds reciting the Green Lantern oath, check it out below. Movie is due for release June 2011 and I cannot wait!


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