Kirky has landed…

Well what a day!

Kicked off leaving home this morning at 4:35am and hitting the qantas club at 530am after clearing customs etc… giving me around an hour to have breakfast and chillout etc….

The first leg of the flight was to Christchurch, not bad overall I had no problems sleeping before take off with only 3 hours sleep the night before lol I’m currently sitting on coffee number five as we speak!

Landing in Christchurch I had a 1:40 wait until the connecting domestic flight to Queenstown, so I headed to a cafe with some wifi (this purchase of a netbook is worth its weight in gold so far!)

On the flight into Queenstown just before landing I was blown away by the snow covered mountains, my timing on this trip has worked out fantastically as they are enjoying the best snow in quite a while apparently!

Picture of me just after landing, so happy the plane landed ok (it was a little rough on the way in lol)

The busy ride into town was pretty cheap and easy, overall it works out taking the bus up the mountains and to and from the airport alot cheaper then hiring a car for the week luckily, and easy so far. and below is a photo from town, I found a nice little park with a creek running through it.

Overall a tiring day but glad I’m here and I made the trip. I’ve always been pretty hesitant about travelling on my own, I’m going to have to find some friends but that’ll come with time I guess lol Have some more tomorrow, hopefully with snowboarding pics!

OH PS. I found this highly amusing, I bet this guy thought he was going to end up on the next episode of NZ Border security! lol the dog stopped at him for quite a while


2 responses to “Kirky has landed…

  1. so jealous you are in new zealand 😦
    but glad you are having a good time 🙂
    keep posting pictures!!!

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