Unfortunately weather has taken a turn for the worst and day 3 of snowboarding has been cancelled, they closed the mountain at 11:30am local time….sucky but what can you do!

So this is my first time boarding, I’ve never ski’d or anything before, my only experience with snow is that it happened when i was supposed be mountain biking Thredbo last year with the boys!

So I’ve spent 2.2 days at Cardrona just outside of queenstown and it was good first 2 days, day 3 too windy to continue with.

Day 1 was really hard, I had nearly 4 hours of lessons over the course of the day with 40 mins break in between them. Having never boarded or done anything like this before I was pretty scared. Luckily I seemed to pick it up pretty quickly and the level 1a lesson flew passed.
Level 1b on the other hand was a little harder, apparently the class got the hang of the Jturns and Cturns pretty quickly, and falling leaf (not hard) so we moved onto linking turns. Learnt a bit then played on the begginners slope for the arvo, little bit of a stack caused some pain on the butt but I was feeling good.

Day 2 brought about a realisation…..I forgot almost everything from the previous day! starting the lesson I felt confident and the instructor said she would just watch everyone go down and see where we are at……I managed to crash 5 times in the space of about 12m. Yep I was ready for Level 2!!! lol
She divided the class and myself, Ben (canadian kid living in Melbourne) and Rosie (lives in NT) stayed with her for the next 1.5 hours lesson while the rest started with the other instructor on the Green run up the chairlift. I felt a little cheated but later on realised it was for my own protection…..
Over the course of the lesson we realised I wasn’t looking with my head where I wanted to go, I do the same thing on my road bike, i don’t look through the corner. After we changed that, and leaning on my front foot it was all sweet, I could link a few turns and Falling leaf would get me out of trouble.

I ended up having lunch with my new mates I met (welsh and english guys from a tour I’ve been hanging out with a bit, then we hit the Green run (Mcdougals) and the first run down….I nearly shat myself. Its a lot steeper then it looks when you’re coming up the chairlift!!! I had a major stack when the wind caught me as I turned onto my toe edge and flung me backwards….I hit butt first hard onto the ground and then smacked my head hard into some ice…

Its funny that after that first run, I hardly had a down on the next 2! lol I must have knocked some sense into myself or something haha and on the final run of the day I had worked out how to turn a little quicker bringing my back foot around.

Day 3 we just mucked around on the learner slope for an hour while we waited for the decision to close the mountain.

I may try it again in Australia next year, now I know that you only need 2 days to be fully stuffed lol I am struggling to lift my legs at the moment.

Me waiting for the bus to pick me up for the Mountain

The guys I’ve been hanging with, Dave and Lee



Me Boarding on the learner slope

John Falling at the end of the learner slope (not an uncommon site for all of us to be in!)

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