Today is kinda chiled in comparrison to the others (early getups for busses up the mountains etc…) just doing my own thing.
I woke up late (unheard of for me!) walked around, and decided to head up to the skyline Gondola’s just n the edge of town near me. You can take the Gondola’s up the mountain to the cafe/viewing platform and also ride the Luge on top of the mountains. This is the place they also do the Bungy jump and Swing over Queenstown (to scary for me) haha
Funnily on the way, I noticed sheep wandering around a cemetary….I’ve made the odd kiwi sheep joke before but I mean come on!!! You guys are just asking for it when they are wandering around a built up area like this lol this was 1 street over from the main part of town

So I got my tickets and boarded the Gongola for the scenic ride up the mountains

When you get to the top you just can’t help but be amazed at the view!!! Looking out I can’t help but see why Peter Jackson chose this place as his setting for Middle earth, the scenery reminded me of the Misty mountains from the movies (alot of it was shot 45 mins out of town near Glenorchy)

I took another chair lift after my coffee/book break in the cafe and headed up for the “once is not enough” Luge, luckily i bought 2 passes! haha I couldn’t help but be concerned at the amount of snow still around.
LUge pics
Also the sign which should be covered over during winter you would think….

I had to take the “scenic” track first, everyone does. I overtook 3 kids and a mum/daughter doubling in some luges lol It got a bit scary when i hit a patch of water where ice has melted trying to break into a corner….ended up sliding sideways into a barrier haha
On my second go I’d waited 20 mins and they had opened the advanced track, now this was a wee bit faster, and you can actually get it to drift out of a corner if you hit the water patches just right!!! I had a great time but with how cold it was 2 rides without gloves and I almost couldn’t feel my hands anymore lol

I took the Gondola back down the the bottom of the hill and went for a walk around, I think tomorrow I’ll be doing the Shotover Jetboat in the morning, and the Kawoura Bungy jump in the arvo…..I’ve managed to find the 43m one that comes down over water lol and apparently its up to the techs at the top wether you get dunked or just skim the water, she said “they think they’re being funny” (I told the woman at the counter thats fine as long as they don’t mind being punched in the face when i come back up!)


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