Friday in Queenstown

Second last day in town now, and I didnt get as much done today as I hoped due to the bad weather (mountains are closed down, heavy rain this morning etc…) Went for a walk though and I love this archway especially the sign

So I had a long wait for my Shotover Jetboat canyon ride, headed to the coffee shop for some reading (almost finished a book this week) I haven’t found the time to read much lately so thats been good to get one of a few waiting out of the way.

I hit up a place called Johnny Barrs for lunch…almost fell asleep waiting for my seafood chowder and panini!! Hard night lol no sleep and hungover

But when it did arrive it was absolutely amazing soup! thick and lots of seafood in it, and the bread was pretty damn good.

after that I jumped on the bus and headed out to shotover river jetboat tour….still a little bit of rain about which the driver pointed out stings like $%%(*$%) when you are speeding down the river lol but we’re tough so we did it anyway…

After the ride I was feeling almost hypotheric and in a bit of pain. So I decided to book into the Onsen Hot Pools located 10 mins out of Queenstown. Everyone had been raving about them.

They come and pick you up from town, and drive you out to the pools. As soon as yo uget there, you are greeted with an amazing view of the mountains that is famous to Queenstown area I would have to say, its been my fav part all week long!

When you check in they take you to one of the 7 rooms downstairs facing the mountain and show you the layout, shower, opening deck door (whole wall lifts up), hot pool with jets et.c… Its not a natural spring but the next best thing

So I changed showered and jumped in, its great having your own private pool and the cost is so cheap! including the pickup, drop off, 1 hour in the pool, it was roughly $38AU plus extra for a couple of Organic Ginger beers i had brought in lol

It was hard but I managed to take a pic of myself with the mountains behind, weird having this amazing view whilst I’m sitting in the bath! but I can see why it runs till 11pm and has couples packages, it would be amazing to spend with someone 🙂

SO the day almost over, I’m not too hungry might just have soup from the other place again, or slice pizza which has been calling to me near my hostel but its only take away!


One response to “Friday in Queenstown

  1. Thanks for the great review about Onsen. My husband and I (we are owners) are always so delighted to see customers enjoy our hotpools. We came to Queenstown a few years ago just like you and wanted to have a soak, and that is how the idea of Onsen started. Hope you will come back again and hopefully get to meet you in person next time! I linked your blog entry on my blog, which is mostly in Japanese, but hope you do not mind. Great photo shot of you at Onsen, BTW!

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