Last day in Queenstown

Luckily my flight home leaves at 430pm so I’ve had some time this morning to face my fears….Heights, are about the only thing I refuse to conquer….until today that is!

Waking up and packing my bag I wasn’t sure what I would do for a few hours today until I had to get on the bus to the airport. The lady at reception put my bag in storage and asked if I’d done the bungy jump yet….Said no I left it till last cause I’m kinda scared haha She said don’t panic you’ll love it, let me just call up and I’ll see if they have space on the 830am bus!

She got me booked in (I didn’t have the heart to say no lol)and I headed up to the shop to wait for the bus and used the free imac/internets they had going. I decided to miss breakfast since I might come back out on the trip out there lol.

Of the 4 or so Bungy’s you can do I chose to do the original one which is 43m tall off a bridge over a river at Kawoura.

so you head down into the store front part and thye take your weight, get you to sign a piece of paper that says toe tag….that inspires the confidence!!! lol and then strap on the harness out on the bridge

I made the mistake of looking down and out over the bridge, it wasn’t helping my fear levels at all. Its still pretty windy and cold here, so I couldn’t work out if I was shaking cause I was cold or scared…as an after thought I go with cold. THis is the view you have from the bridge

So i got all harnessed up and waited for the group of 4 girls in front of me to go….I was surprised I wasn’t hearing anyone scream on the way down! and hoped that I wouldn’t be the only one to do so today haha Not the best pic, but it was damn windy out there.

After stepping to the edge It took a few count downs before I went, I was aiming to do a water touch but didn’t quite get low enough. Stepping off the platform was insane, The initial step was the hardest part for me, but once you are over I tensed up and just bounced to the bottom. The whole experience was over quicker then skydiving!!! and in the end I loved it just as much.

Thankyfully, now like skydiving I can do it again anytime with very little fear as I know that I’ve now conquered it. I’ve had a blast while I’ve been here and it has been an expensive week but I’m happy that I did this and II can’t wait for me next trip, Europe most likely.

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