The Atlantis Code

So whilst I was away on holidays I had a chance to do some quiet reading and chop through a book that I bought last week.

Titled “The Atlantis Code” and written by Charles Brokaw it’s a very similar kind of story to the ones written by Dan Brown.

Linguist professor for Harvard university Thomas Lourds is a driven man, always in search of more knowledge. He is one of the worlds leading experts on ancient languages, and currently filming a tv show in Alexandria for the BBC.

The shows hostess (another central character for the novel) Leslie crane has got a few items together that are fakes or genuine articles to test him, whilst going over them Lourds realizes that an ancient clay bell has writings on it that he is unable to read! And is in fact a lost relic from a culture that could have existed thousands of years ago.

While this taking place, over in cardiz the Vatican has sanctioned an archeological expedition into some ruins believed to be those of Atlantis the lost city that sank thousands of years ago….

I was a little unsure when I started reading this novel…

Harvard professor
Vatican conspiracies
Danger from thugs chasing you all over the world

It sounded too much like a rip off of Dan browns work. But when you get passed the first few chapters you realize it is different in it’s own right and drags you deep into the world of the lost city, the most famous in history and dares you to imagine the possibilities.

Chapter after chapter this book is a great read and I highly recommend it to everyone.


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