So in my job I get to travel a lot and usually driving new cars when interstate, but occasionally I drive the Sydney area and take one of the pool cars from work.

On Tuesday I was told I needed to go out of office for the arvo (picture me as Ed Norton in fight club when he’s been told he’s going on the road lol)

So I went over to grab a pool car which is usually a Volkswagen Golf TDi or a Ford Mondeo TDi…..

I was given the only car available! A Toyota Prius…..I was devastated…. A hybrid….

I spent a few hours in it and the only way I can describe it is that, because I went in with such a low low low expectation of how it would be that I was pleasantly surprised with bow it drove!

Starting it would be a challenge for anyone not familiar with gaming! Lol

Completely gutless, and worst to take off in then a diesel, but the interior is nice and the handling isn’t bad with a comfy ride. Stereo sucked hard! And the sat nav had a worst sense if direction then James may

Overall, I wouldn’t buy one. Currently I don’t believe it’s anymore efficient then a good diesel or small engined petrol car.


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