Browsing through borders on Monday I came across this sick set of action figures!

Anyone not familiar with Doctor Who, turn around leave now and go home and youtube it, its been a long running BBC show that has gone from the 1960’s until now….I think its quite possibly the longest running television show ever!

The basic premise of the show is a Time traveller from the planet Gallifrey, the last of his kind also known as the Time Lords. Travels the universe averting crises usually with the help of a female companion just in time to save the day.

He travels around in what looks like a Blue Police box (bigger on the inside then out!) which is because once when he landed in London, the Chamelion circuit got stuck in this shape and he quite liked it so left it like that. The box is his time machine known as the T.A.R.D.I.S (Time and relative dimensions in space)

The Doctor as he is referred to has the ability to Regenerate, as did all Time Lords. Its a means of escaping death, at they point they are supposed to die they regenerate their bodies using an enormous amount of energy and become someone else!currently we are up to the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith). This set of figures is all eleven doctors in costume. It even has a biography on each doctor on the fold out flaps

I’ll list the name and actors name above each picture:

First Doctor – William Hartnell
Second Doctor – Patrick Troughton
Third Doctor (one of my favs) – John Pertwee

Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker
Fifth Doctor (another fav) – Peter Davison
Sixth Doctor – Colin Baker
Seventh Doctor – Sylvester McCoy

Eighth Doctor – Paul McGann (interstingly the only non tv series doctor, he was only seen in a movie made in america…not great, best forgotten)

Ninth Doctor – Christopher Eccleston
Tenth Doctor (the best! in my opinion) – David Tennant
Eleventh Doctor (Juries still out on this one) – Matt Smith

I literally almost fell over when I saw this, wish i had one when I was a kid!


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