Hyundai i45

This week in Perth I had the chance to drive a new Hyundai i45 sedan, the replacement for the Sonata.

I think these cars look brilliant, classy and kind of give you the impression of being something other then a Korean car more like an expensive euro.

I did 650 or so km over 3 days I had the car on freeways, local roads etc so a good opportunity for a review.

The driving feel is smooth, comfortable and very relaxed. My seating position was pretty low down and laid back. The suspension was quite comfortable as long as you didn’t hit any massive pot holes as I found out at a road side stop over!

The power of the car felt pretty good, it got up and moved when needed, and was quite economical on my long trip in and out of Perth sitting on roughly 7.3l per km for the average of all my driving, lower on just the freeway sections.

The interior is a really nice place to be with lots of black and silver and nicely illuminated dash at night. The AC was brilliant and in the 35′ heat Perth was having kept the car insides at a chilly 16′. One complaint is the positioning of the little compartment in the front centre console, when you have a charger and iPhone adapter in it’s hard to get to due to cables in your way!

Overall I rate this car, it’s great to drive and I would have one as a family car. Well done Hyundai!


One response to “Hyundai i45

  1. The new models look really good, the i20 and i30 are cool and the new 4WD (ix35 ??) is great looking too, not a bad choice if they suit what you’re after in a car

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