In Brightest Day…

A while ago I posted up about the new green lantern movie that will hit cinemas June 17th next year starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively among others.

The trailer is out now for it and I’m pretty pumped!

I’ve also spotted recently on the superherohype site that at their offices they started receiving fedex packages from the movie which apparently are being distributed to celebs etc… (just what you want, give rich people stuff they don’t want or could afford 10 times over while the dedicated fans struggle!)

One such package contained this! A replica Green lantern ring in a display case….. Omfg! This is too cool people seriously. Best part is it’s actually metal, not the plastic crap that will no doubt be forced upon us when the movie comes out.

Other items included a lock box, containing Tshirt, cap, jacket etc… But when you open the lid it has Ryan Reynolds speaking those words that the fans have waiting to hear since the movie was announced…. The Green Lantern oath

In brightest day, in blackest night…
No evil shall escape my sight…
Let those who worship evils might…
Beware my power…
Green Lanterns light!


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