Take 3… Smallville

So for 10 years now I’ve been following a tv series that took a little warming up to, Smallville.

If you haven’t seen it before it’s a series that follows a young Clark Kent from a teenager to adulthood and him coming to grips with his powers and the threats he has held off and the allies made along the way.

This year is the 10th season and the final, we’re at episode 8 now and I’m not sure where they are heading, but I hope it’s not to a rushed ending or cliffhanger you never find out what happened!

In the series Clark hasn’t worn the traditional costume as yet and still can’t fly… He hasn’t worked it out yet lol but he’ll have to this season. In place of the red and blue suit he has worn usually just a jack and Tshirt of the same colour.

But in season 9 he started wearing his family crest, the S we’re all familiar with. However it was a silver S on black shirt pants and a black coat, which would remind fans more of the costume he wore after his death as superman.

In season 10 his mother leaves him a gift, the actual superman costume! I thought this is it 10 years of watching and he’ll finally wear it! (geek moment I know) but the costume was taken and locked in the fortress by his father who seems to think he isn’t ready yet.

In place of this he started wearing a red leather jacket with the S embossed into the front of it. Cool look 🙂


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