Today Brent, Jay and myself headed over to the Olympic archery centre at Homebush for a round of bow and arrow shooting….I was a little concerned about being shot by accident.

All fears layed to rest we had a good day, little injury save to my forearm (longer guard helped fix this) and my nipple…The string scraped along my chest and I thought I was going to lose it lol

Jay and Brent were keen to get into it straight away, and weren’t doing too badly unlike myself…

That is until i got a slightly harder to use bow (tougher string) but the sight seemed to be better set and it released a little better, faster.

Jay and Brent retrieving some arrows

Couple of my boards

now the last 5 boards we shot at the staff came out and put up balloons on your target, Jay couldn’t help himself of course…

Jay: hey boys how bout we lay a bet, $20 from each person to the person who hits it first arrow….

no interest…

Jay: ok ok how about $10 then.

Brent and I agreed.

Jay missed…Brent missed….and as luck would have it I shot it first go no problems! that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the rounds lol

I hit 4 out of 5 balloons in each set of arrows, Brent did almost as well and Jay unfortunately discovered that archery may not be his thing…

However great day had, I’ll definately go back for another go!


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