I’ve been meaning to start my reviews of the Anime Collectibles I’ve been collected in the last 12 months. I’m starting with a one off rather then a series.

This is the Ingram AV-98 type PATLABOR, from the MANGA/ANIME PATLOR. PATLABOR is short for Patrol Labor. This is unit 1 also called Alphonse by its pilot.

PATLABOR is a series set in the near future, where a corporation called Shinohara Industries has created giant robots piloted by humans called Labors. They have been designed to make work loads easier, and you can work in harsher conditions that would normally be too inaccessible to humans.

The problem with this type of robot is that it can also be used to commit crimes. So a special vehicles unit in Tokyo was created to police Labor crimes, The series follows SV2 (special vehicle unit 2) which is a strange crew of people who seem to be looked down upon compared to SV1 as a bunch of fools who can’t do anything right. There are 2 pilots of the 2 labors, Ota is pilot 2 and Azumi is pilot 1 whose Labor we are looking at today.

Part of the appeal of these models for adults I believe is the packaging, its just so carefully done as you can see below.

The kit includes the Labor, and spare hands with guns. A knife, a hand gun, a shot gun and a stun baton which delivers and electrical shock to shut down rogue labors.

As you can see the detail on this model is excellent, it has a great variety of movement in it, and the gaps between the legs and arms where the joints are covered by cloth which gives it a nice look.

There is a shield on the arm, and the detailing on the decals down to the 1 and the name Alphonse on it and the police badge on the front of the unit.

On the back of the unit, there is a hatch that opens up (can’t really see here) where you can insert the little driver and you can see them on the front. There is also a power button for the little red police lights on the shoulders, and chest of the unit. This was a big feature for me buying this model especially at the $180 asking price.


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