Soul of Chogokin GX-47 Energer Z

So after the Ingram AV98 review I found some energy and not much to do today and wnated to get a start on the series that I have the most of.

Collecting these Manga/anime Collectibles is a huge thing, there are so many its impossible to get them al I think but then again I’ve seen some huge collections, So i buy only the ones that look really awesome and have a meaning to me…

One such figure is this one here, the start of a series that I’ve boughtand am awaiting one tofinish off the set (ships in Jan 2011 from a preorder).

The Soul of Chogokin line is an Adults collector line from Bandai Japan, and is filled with characters from Anime/Manga for the 4 or 5 decades (giant robots) Usually it doesn’t feature new robots however I imagine that since the robot presented here is actually backdated to be Go Nagai’s earliest Mazinger works then its ok (Damn them I wanted a Mazinkaizer from the same series so they all matched! grr)

Anyways onto the review….

What we have here is the GX-47 Energer Z model released in 2009 with the new Anime Shin Mazinger Z!

Shin Mazinger is a new take on the original Mazinger Z (Tranzor Z for the western world in the 80’s) where we have the same robots, fighting mostly the same bad guys and mechanical monsters but this time using it gods and demons background we only ever heard a little about before more heavily.

I’ll stick to this story line for this character for the moment though. Energer Z is the Prototype Giant Robot before Mazinger Z apparently, where Proffessor Juzo Kabuto designed and built Mazinger Z for his Grandson Kouji Kabuto Energer Z was designed and built by Kenzo Kabuto (Kouji’s Father, Juzo’s son) for the Pilot Tetsuya Tsurugi who we know from the Great Mazinger storyline (the next production robot to replace Mazinger Z).

As we can see the packaging is again hugely detailed and great quality. One nice little touch with each SOC model is the colour fold out picture booklet. It usually has a storyline, list of each part with pictures and the different poses etc. you can perform.

In the series around episode 18 we see this Robot appear with the strange unsuspecting pilot…won’t spoil the surprise. but as you can see below, instead of coming with 2 pilders (docking machines for the head, like Mazinger Z) Energer Z comes with 2 motorcycles and pilots who can activate him.

It comes with the standard base that all SOC’s come with. However Energer Z being a prototype is a little light on the accessories (no weapons etc…so not much storeage room on the stand.

The details on these little bikes is amazing, its shame i can’t seem to take a decent picture of them with my camera!

The one thing I noticed compared about this to Mazinger Z is that when the pilot is docked with the Robot…how does he stay on? I don’t wanna get too technical but I mean I ride a motorbike…I know it doesn’t have seat belts or restraints! so when he’s jumping around and getting knocked down how does he stay on? I think thats one point that they missed lol but I love the show anyway.

One thing you will notice is that Energer Z has this silver platform that extends on his back that Mazinger Z doesn’t have. Its actually a docking ramp controlled from the bike, when the pilot wants to activate the robot he pulls a switch on the bike and it extends the ramp out, with a booster on the back of the bike and some gliding foils he launches up and drives into the brain to link.

All in all an amzing figure! and it wasn’t expensive at all, well getting it when its available makes it cheaper compared to some I’ve bought (years after production ended!) the paint is absolutely beautiful and so vibrant. I almost didn’t want to touch it and was sure to carefully clean it before putting it back in the box. I would highly recommend this figure to anyone thinking of buying it.


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