Season 3 has just come to a spectacular end in the way I hoping for, and it looks like there will be a season 4!

This series has followed Merlin, the earlier years before he and Arthur were the famous king and wizard we all know of. It’s a new telling of the story we haven’t really seen before.

Enter Merlin, a teen with innate magical abilities. His mother sends him to live in Camelot, knowing he has a chance at a better life their with the court physician Gaius. while working for him he becomes Prince Arthurs servant.

Uther is Is still king at this point and Morgana is the kings ward residing at court with Uther and Arthur. During the first season Merlin has the burden of learning about his gifts while keeping them secret from everyone including Arthur.

He meets the last great dragon who is locked up under the castle, and forms a friendship with him also being a creature of magic. The dragon tells him of his destiny to be the greatest sorcerer in the land, working with Arthur who will be the greatest king Camelot has ever known… Merlin is scared of this obviously placing slot on his shoulders.

Over season 2 we seem him defending the kingdom from both magical and military attacks in secret and forming new alliances as well as defeating his enemy nimiue the witch.

Season 3 by far returns to the original story of Morgana working to destroy Camelot having found out Uther is her father. At the end of the season Arthur has saved Camelot with the help of his new knights Lancelot, Gawaine, Percivel and Elion and of course Merlin, who used Excalibur to destroy the army…. Keeping his promise he placed the sword where no one could retrieve it… Any guesses?


2 responses to “Merlin

  1. Merlin Season 3 was awesome!!! I can’t wait for season 4 to begin as I’ve got a feeling we’ll see Arthur finally become King and Merlin can reveal who he really is.

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