Soul of Chogokin GX-01R Mazinger Z

Quite possibly one of the biggest hero figures of my childhood and the first Anime that I ever watched (without realising it) is this collectible before you today!

I first started watching this show on Betacord (anyone remember that? lol) pre VHS tapes basically when i was around 5 years old or so, though at this point in time I didn’t know it was Anime, or even japanese. It was released in the USA as Tranzor Z, and watching the US version now I realise what a crappy ass job they did and ruined the whole thing. This show has been around since the 70’s and is one of Go Nagai’s original works (the other being Devilman).

Main Characters:
Juzo Kabuto: Grandfather of Kouji, creator of Mazinger Z. Murdered by Dr. Hell

Kouji Kabuto: teen pilot of the most powerful robot ever created, to defeat the mechanical beasts of Dr. Hell. Kouji was left Mazinger Z by his grandfather to defend the world.

Prof. Yumi: leader of the Photo research interview, and the brains behind the defences for Japan and the world against Dr. Hell.

Boss: Comedy relief basically, this guy acts tough but is useless with his rubbish pile robot the 3 doctors built for him

The 3 Doctors: they assist in repairs and upgrades for the robot defence forces of Japan and work at the Photon Research insitute.

Sayaka: Love interest and female lead character, she pilots Aphrodite A and Diana A.

Again the packaging is amazing and very details. I picked up this one (my first) SOC in Japan in 2007 in a toy shop that was 5 levels high in Akihabra (electric town) and to be honest, I thought I almost had a heart attack!!! I’d wanted one of these since I was 7 years old.

So for a little background on the figure….Kouji Kabuto and his younger brother Shiro are summoned to his Grandfather’s house for something important…however before they can arrive the evil forces of Dr. Hell led by the 2 faced half man half woman Barron Ashura destroy the house believing to have killed the old man who is the only one who can stand in Dr. Hells way. Arrving to find the rubble, they search frantically and find a basement they never knew existed. Their Grandfather tells them everything that is going on and introduces Kouji to his new responsibility….The Hover craft, and MAZINGER Z!

With this he is to join the Photo research institute and fight the forces of Dr. Hell. Who never seems to run out of weird looking Mechanical beasts.

The figure itself is so well done and true to the show I almost cried when I first inspected it. Its fairly heavy with alot of metal content, with alot of accessories as you can see in the packaging pictures.
The base stand is well done which includes the landing pad for the Hover/jet craft and the launching catapult for the Jet Scrander.
The Chests 2 red parts were a weapon, known as Breast Fire that could melt any object in front of them.

Here on the close up we can see the hover craft has been docked into Mazingers head, the PILDER this was referred to in the Anime, and had 2 foldable hover fans on either side to allow flight, and to allow for docking. Mazingers Eyes could Shoot powerful lasers called Koushiryoku Beam, while his mouth would emit an acidic wind that could vaporise an enemy to ashes named Rust Hurricane.

Above we can see the Pilder looks slightly different, this one is the Jet pilder. Around episode 66 the enemy actually managed to destroy the Pilder, instead of rebuilding it they created a newer faster tougher one.

Mazinger Z was almost invincible, however he was extremely heavy and couldn’t fly like some opponents. The Doctors worked on this and came up with a set of wings that also doubled as weapons (slicing enemys with them) also composed of the same Alloy Z metal, they were called Jet Scrander and would be launched off a catapult when called to him.

Mazingers Arms would partially disengage and be fired at the enemy but there were a few variations. The first being Rocket Punch, his most used and powerful weapon. Secondly blades would extend from the forearms and when fired would cut through multiple enemies known as Iron Cutter. the figure is so well done that you can actually launch these attacks with the touch of a button!

In the above picture it looks a little weird…but this is the Drill missle attack, little missles that looked like sharp screws would flight out in large numbers attacking enemies.

This is mazinger with the Scrander linke to him, it is done brilliniantly and links just like the anime shows with a belt style attachment around to the front. Sadly it doesn’t launch the little missles like the Anime.

Below you can see a picture of the Hover Pilder with its wings open.

I love all of my models, but i think this one will always have a special place in my heart as my Fav. being the first anime I loved. Bandai did this one perfectly.


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