Xmas giving

I think we all remember what it was like as kids, you wanted this or that toy for Xmas… And then you didn’t get it and were distraught by the clothing you’d been given…

It’s at this time of year in my adult life I get reminded about this sort of thing, and I’m thankful for what I have now, and for what I had as a child. At the time my parents wouldn’t have thought so! But there are a lot of kids that go without, and particularly this time of downturn when some families are struggling to pay the mortgage let alone get things for their kids…

So can I urge you all if you van to perhaps give to charity drives at your work place or if you have a place near you to give at. I started this week with a clothing clean out (2 new shirts made it into the pile and the rest were decent) as well as

I bought this toy while I was in japan in 2007, it’s not part of my regular collection and it’s just sitting on my desk doing nothing… So I’ve donated this to the toy drive we have at work that will go to kids who don’t have a lot for Xmas.

Hopefully some of you can do the same, Christmas is meant to be a time of giving not just what you can get back after all 🙂


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