Leaving Today

The MountSo i’m currently sitting in the qantas club getting tanked (hey guys, sorry i couldn’t get you all in with me) but its given me the chance to reflect on whats happening.

The guys and I decided lets not sit around this NY and just waste it at home….Lets get tanked in another country!!! so we’re off to NZ this boxing day evening for a bit of an adventure.

Arriving in Auckland tonight, we head to Rotorua in a couple of days time where we will try mountain biking the Red woods.

We’re then driving down to Tauranga (The mount) where we’ll meet up with Tommo’s GF Donna and crash her friend Hayleys place for NY party on the beach.

After that we leg it down to Taupo for some adventure sports where Jay and I will bungee jump (2nd time for me)

All in all I’m now pretty pumped with an hour to the flight and many more beers to consume, but I shouldn’t be rude….I should go and join Brent, Jay and Tommo…..Or should I stay in the QC and sink free alcohol? decisions decisions…. 🙂

My new awesome GF Jess is staying behind unfortunately, but I’ve left her with a challenge in her xmas present….Practice on the sega mega drive I just bought her so I can whip her on it when I get back!!!!


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