2010 Moto GP – The Island

Apologies, especially to Tommo as I know this post has been a long time coming.

In October 2010 6 of the boys headed down to Phillip island in the south of Victoria for a road trip and to see the Moto GP that we follow so closely all year up close.

Leaving Sydney at 430pm we packed up Jays Wagon and Zac’s commodore wiht all the gear on a sunny thursday arvo and hit the road after a fill up.

We planned the drive down to take around 14 or so hours which would put us at burwood in melbournes outter suburbs in time to pick up the tent and head out to the island for Friday morning practice… I mean wiht toilet breaks like below and me nearly being deafened by a fire cracker thrown into the mens toilets (tin shed) and other shananigans it should be a lengthy kinda trip haha

Stopping for Dinner at Yass and a change of drivers we loaded up wiht some more drinks and continued on the long trip (around a 1000km) the night time drive was long and hard, the closer we got to melbourne the worst the weather became (wind, rain) so we pulled around around 1am when Tommo and myself could no longer drive without risk of crashing. Down on a lone stretch of highway, there was a truck stop cafe, bit of a dark photo but you get the idea

I resumed my stint of the driving and so did Jay, we headed into Melbourne. We unfortunately arrived a little ahead of time…around 430am lol So while Ben, Tommo and Zac snoozed in the car we went for early breakfast and a walk around Melbourne since Jay and Brent hadn’t been before.

Arriving in burwood we picked up the tent and headed off for some proper breakfast and it was awesome, a little cafe inside a fresh food market. We then headed down to down to the island.

We arrived and setup the tent, unfortunately for us it seemed like the island was experiencing its wettest day ever! threatening rain and storm clouds overhead, lots of mud it very interesting times for setting up haha. we got a 12 person tent which with the amount of luggage etc… we had it was just enough room for 6 of us.

First morning for watching the GP we had to wear the full kit, gum boots, rain coats and umbrella’s

The wet practice and qualifying was interesting to say the least, the 125’s weren’t as exciting as I remember but the Moto2 class and the GP guys gave us a good show! with some good crashes right in front of us just metres away

We all headed into town every night for dinner (CBF’d cooking) and had burgers a couple nights from a really awesome place in town (probably the equivilant of burger fuel! 😛 haha)

The race day weather luckily turned out sunny but cool for us as the wet racing while a good show is abit of a let down.

We got grand stand tickets at Siberia for the weekend and mainly used them on race day and it was a briliant view, especiially of the moto 2 race punch on between the Aussie wild card and his full time spanish team mate…video coming soon.

It was a good race, most of the action out front, with Stoner, Rossi Hayden coming in 1st 2nd 3rd.

Big spoon and Little spoon lol

It was a fantastic trip and I’m looking forward to the 2011 boys road trip to GP…where we rent a house this time! lol

The 2010 GP Boys from Sydney!

Water and power don’t mix…when you leave your iphones charging on the floor and your tent runs through with a river of rain!


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