Soul of Chogokin GX-02 Great Mazinger

On a role this week with the Anime collectible reviews! photographed this one and couldn’t resist…The works of Go Nagai have been amazing to watch throughout my life and there is a new addition to this series coming out in Jan 2011 (I have the collectible on pre order at BBTS haha)

So I’ll actually post the video that goes with this figure here first rather then an after thought

Great Mazinger is the sequel to Mazinger Z, a continuation of sorts that retained some of the previous recurring characters. But before we begin the model review just so you have a bit of background….

After Mazinger Z had finally defeated Dr. Hell, there comes an even greater foe. As predicted by the great hermit to Boss and the others that the Dark Generals myceanese empire is about to attack the earth…what follows is a battle that Mazinger Z/Kouji cannot win on his own…It is revealed that the great hermit is actually Kenzo Kabuto! Kouji’s father who was thought dead, secretly he has been working on a more advanced version of the Mazinger Z and training its pilot..

After this has happened we switch to Tetsuya Tsurugi as the main pilot and Great Mazinger, the female lead character is now Jun who pilots Venus Ace. Now operating out of the New scientific reasearch institute.

Again amazing graphics and packaging….You might notice I’ve included the model numbers, the previous review had an R on it where this one doesn’t….with Bandai’s SOC range they did revisions and with Mazinger Z the revision was the better of the model, however with Great Mazinger the normal version had a few different features that were better then the revision….Strange…..

I love the pre-posed pictures on the box, so much like the series. and theinners of the box were really well packaged and layed out.

The booklet that came with this one was pretty awesome, and had an architectural half half split down the middle listing out the attacks as well.

And here it is…assembled! Great Mazinger! Its a well crafted piece and very true to the anime down to the smallest details. Greater Mazinger comes with all the good stuff you see in the anime.

Base to hold all the goodies
Great Mazinger
Greater Booster
Jet Scrander
A couple of the Brain Condor’s that are the piloting device for Great Mazinger
Lots of Fists/hands and arms to attach to Great Mazinger

Here we have the brain condor, in the close up you can see the amazing details on it. It also comes with another version that is in the docking position (see above video for how it changes)

Closeup of it docked inside the head

The Great Mazinger had an awesome improvement over Mazinger Z. The wings, It came with built in collapsable Jet Scrander that would spring from its back. But when needed, it could call on a set of Bigger, faster and more powerful wings that would be a weapon or a mode of transportation for him called the Greater Booster.

Here it is attatched to its back

The Jet scrander was pretty cool, obviously it would be a little hard to make it spring out of the figures back so it comes as an attatchment for the unit.

The best part is though, you hit a little button on each side and the wings expand! like they do in the show to full length.

Typically it comes with most of the attacks from the anime as well (I didn’t see the lightning strike attatchment from the antennae on the head though bandai!!) This one below is where he can remove the Chest peice that does the Breast of fire, and use it as a boomerang!

Below is the Rocket punch, however on Great Mazinger he had a turbine like pop out for his forearms that made it even more powerful then Mazinger Z’s one

Great Mazinger also had swords that would be available from the side of his legs, which they actually captured in the sculpting.

This is a fantastic figure if you can find it, being out of production for a long time now but sometimes they come up on ebay if you’re lucky.


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