Sports… or Not?

I’ve been riding bikes for a few years now and I do like it. Although I do miss owning an import the bikes are cheaper and because I don’t use it everyday I don’t feel bored when I do.

But lately I started thinking, is it time for another bike? I have a 2005 Suzuki GSXR-1000 with a few mods. Originally I set out to own a ducati but the prices were killer for my first big bike, and the douche I did want to buy from wouldn’t budge on his price by $500 when I found a problem that needed fixing.

But just lately I have been looking at Cafe racers, old school looking bikes that have today’s tech in them. Particularly the Ducati Sport 1000.

Everyone likes a wheelie shot haha yellow is not the colour I’d choose, but in black this thing is sexy!

This is an American limited edition I’ve found, 2007 it was a limited run of 100 units selling for $11,475.00

I’ll have to test ride one and see how it feels, but this is one cool bike I’d like to own. Today’s technology, with yesteryears cool looks…


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