Superman/Shazam: Return of Black Adam

Released on the 9th of November 2010, This short movie is part of the DC Showcase films collection. It is a 30 min film on its own DVD rather then the previous shorts films which are included with a main feature.

The Film opens with a meteor crashing to earth, with a young couple witnessing it and going over to check it out….pretty stupid you should know not to!

Unlucky for them the meteor was actually Black Adam, returning to Earth after 5000 years in space. Moving on we swoop in over Fawcett city, and to the apartment of Billy Batson. An orphan living in an apartment with some questionable looking characters and rats for pets…little different from the comic telling of things I’ve seen

On his way out of the apartment block, Billy sees an old homeless man being mugged by some hooligans and tries to stop them, with little success. But shows he has the heart of a hero in doing so, trying to protect others.

Next up we find none other then Clark Kent waiting in a diner for young Billy with food. He’s trying to help with his story in the Planet about young homeless children that have run away from bad foster homes it looks like.

Black Adam shows up and starts the fighting off with no warning, unfortunately he doesn’t realise who his target was in the company of…

He tells Billy he’s been marked by “The Wizards” energies and he must be eliminated…if you’ve never read the comics he’s referring to Shazam, an age old powerful wizard who creates Champions for Earth Through out the ages. Black Adam was originally one of these as you find out later. A little battle ensues as Superman and Adam exchange blows.

Superman tries to give him a chance to run for it while he fights off Adam. Unfortunately for Superman his opponent realises that he is his physical match…but he has a weakness for magic which Adams powers are based on.

Unfortunately for Black Adam…Supes has a few special powers of his own that he doesn’t! like heat vision

While the battle is raging Billy has made a run for it, and has run into the homeless guy from before…who gives him a subway token and says take a trip instead of running for it…good advice except Adam crashes through the roof and tries to let the train run him down…except he ends up inside the train and going to a special place…

In the background on the above shot, you can see the statues of the Seven enemies of man…pretty sweet! He runs into the wizard here who reveals to him who adam is….

He tells Billy that he has been waiting for him for a long time, centuries. That he is to be Earth’s new protector Captain Marvel, that he has a perfect heart and is all the things he needs now that he has his powers. Based up the Gods, Strength of Hercules, Wisdom of Athena, Speed of Hermes etc…. which is a pretty cool way to explain super powers I think. He also reveals Adams history to him and that he now the only one who can stop him.

As we can see Superman is taking a huge beating…one thing I didn’t like in this film was that Superman seemed a little weak, drawn a little thin etc…He is one of the DC universes most powerful beings and has given a beat down to Darkseid and the seemingly unstoppable Doomsday…and I just find it hard to see how he struggled with the likes of Black Adam.

Billy tries to help believing he now has powers….but unfortunately he didn’t seem to listen to the part about how to use them!

He did manage to work out yelling “SHAZAM!” changes him though and he finally transforms into Earths Mightiest Mortal…CAPTAIN MARVEL!

After dealing a bit of a beat down to Black Adam who’s in a little bit of Shock, and a minor mishap of switching the powers off and on….resulting in a swim we see Superman rejoin the action and they start double teaming him.

He causes a dam to collapse and Superman has to deal with it, Leaving a one on one for the 2 Champions to face off…Sadly being the villain he can’t help but involve an innocent civilian and threatens to kill her.

Ordering Captain Marvel to depower or else…he is left with no choice…However Superman returns with a nice surprise and has him down.

This is where we see the temptation to evil appear for Captain Marvel. He decides he isn’t going to be weak anymore and snaps, beating Adam badly and on the verge of killing him.

Superman manages to talk him down, and Adam is confronted with the homeless dude, who turns out to be an Agent of the Wizard and threatens to banish him again…Choosing death he depowers and ages 5000 years in one moment.

Overall this was a brilliant movie, well worth watching. One of the best that has been released by DC comics yet except maybe Green Lantern:First Flight. The Animation is brilliant unlike Justice LeagueNew Frontier which looks a bit dated, and the storyline is easy to follow for new comers not familiar with comics.

8/10 from me 🙂


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