When you’re a kid cartoons seem great don’t they? Though the rubbish my nephews are getting today I’m not sure I can consider any of it among that statement!

I recently came across this 1998 collectable for sale and had to grab it, good price and new in box. It’s Trendmasters Voltron lion force set, plastic version. It contains the 5 lions from the show and includes the shield and sword. It’s actually modeled off the cgi remake from the 90’s but meh same same

I loved this series growing up ad actually had a proper sized die cast one… Leaving it at school though someone else got it! Thieves

The series is still loved today, and word is later this year there is a new series that unlike the garbage remake in cgi is a continuation, Voltron: Panthera force. Which has new characters graduating from the space explorers academy taking up the fight.

Old series

This is a concept photo of what. Live action movie like transformers would be like. I think they should do it!!

There is a console game coming later this year also, hoping for greatness but you know how these things go…


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