Mountain Biking Rotorua NZ

Over xmas/ny I went with 3 friends to NZ, I’d read so much about Rotorua and its mountain biking scene that I just had to spend some time there doing it.

We got some rental bikes from the car park near the trails, the rates were pretty awesome and we paid about $45AU for the day for a Hardtail MTB. Brent and Jay below,

I got a GT Avalanche 1.0 which was near new both times I was there, and it was pretty good. I was used to having a dual suspension mountain bike to absorb all of the bumps etc… but with the trails the way they were at Rotorua it there was almost no need (well except the DH) this bike had all the usual gear like Hydraulic disc brakes, a good front shock and the deraileur didn’t play up once.

Heading down the road and into the bike park area, and riding up the trails to a spot we got told about where you can shuttle to the top of the mountain. We arrived just in time to catch the last spots on the shuttle, amazingly this was less then $10AU for a trip to the top of the mountain. There were alot of impressive bikes around.

I must admit I was a little shit scared when we got to the top of the mountain and most of the guys started bolting on neck protectors, body armor and full face helmets! but we got told to head up trail a bit more and take a side road which was good advice.

Jay and Brent posing.

I gotta say, I knew that I’d read about most of these trails and I was surprised….THEY WERE SO MUCH BETTER THEN I THOUGHT! everything was so flowing and easy going. The trail started and just headed straight down….the best type haha but it wasn’t steep or too technical, just enough to keep you interested. We had to stop a few times, and Tommo had a technical issue. He also had a bad front tyre which didn’t agree with the early morning due/left over rain on the trails causing a few washouts.

We got that problem sorted and set off again, the trail finished and it was briliant….we then had to take a fire trail up to the start of the next one, which included a bit of of uphill….unfortunately….

The next trail was no less brilliant, its almost as if these trails were the best thing I was going to ride ever and I was afraid of having to leave this place and never experience them again.

We stopped to take a short break…and take in the view! This was just too amazing not to.

Lucky for us we ran into a guy who does maintenance on the trails. We imposed upon his lunch break and asked for a photo with the fantastic scenery in the background

That trip took us nearly 4 hours after stops etc… it was well worth it and I really wanted to go back again its just a shame no one shared my enthusiasm!

The pines section which was really cool. Kinda dark and crowded.

But fear not, persistence won out and we went back again after Tauranga/The mount in the New year. This time we had some company with Donna and Katrina joining us.

Tommo and Donna for the couples shot, awwwww

When we got back some people didn’t really have the time to spend 3 hours up top of the mountain so we did the lower trails around the base of the mountain.

These were far tougher, lots of uphills and flats in comparrison to the DH of the mountain…Brent showing how he feels about this below

I’m pretty upset about not having these sorts of trails around near my place, however I’ve just read that Mt Buller has some fantastic Mountain trails…..whats an 8 hour drive?….


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