Armageddon expo – Sydney 2011

On the 25th of Feb I got to go to a pretty awesome expo in Homebush thats right up my alley…..Comics, Anime and Sci-Fi…What more could you want!

There was alot to see and do on the day, and I managed to get through it in about 5 hours…unlucky for Jess! haha

I started off just checking out all of the merch on sale, got a few toys

There was some signings by actors and artists, the one that I did get signatures from is Ethan Van Sciver. The artist for Flash: Rebirth and Green Lantern: Rebirth.

Me getting my geek on chatting to him lol He was a really cool guy and took time to chat about the books, for 26 pages it can take 3 months of drawing. Flash took 12 to draw. It does show though as the artwork is amazing!

Rather then just signing it he actually drew freehand a Flash drawing for me! 🙂

Also got a JSA novel and the Green lantern one for Ethan to sign

There were some cool props such as a KITT or the Knight Industries Two Thousand as it stood for haha

It was really hard to get the shot of the interior from behind the barrier rope, in a dark area without a tri-pod…sorry for blurry pics

Me and Kitt,

A dalek from Doctor Who, you can buy these haha RC ones

A Droid from Star Wars

A few people in Costumes

There were a kit more weird ones but I just couldnt seem to get pics without others in the way haha

Part of the day was interviews/stage chats and the ones I sat down for were with 2 Actors I really like

Christopher Heyerdahl (Smallville, Stargate Atlantis, Twilight Saga, Sanctuary, Blade Trinity, Supernatural) What is interesting is that in Sanctuary he plays 2 roles really well, The big guy & John Druitt.

Ryan Robbins (Smallville, Stargate Atlantis, Sanctuary, Mortal Kombat, Supernatural, Dead like me, Walking Tall)

Together on stage, they’re a good team and have collaberated on many shows together.

I really enjoyed the event, and am looking forward to more. Ideally I’d like to get Comic con in the US where they have lots of Stars from big films but maybe one day hey!


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