Hot Toys

Notuced a few really impressive collectibles lately coming out of HK by manufacturer Hot Toys, and they have alot that I want!

They are pricey, but the detail and quali8ty of these things is not to be believed! from the Move Masterpiece collection here are some of the fav ones I got off their site.

What grabbed my attention was the Iron man series, from the new movies with Robert Downey Jr.

Iron man Mark I

You even get the actors face in there!

Man they nailed the perfect version there. The Mark VI from the new movie was equally impresssive, including battke damage armor and light up repulsors and eyes

And you can’t forget the Mark V, the portable suitcase armor that Stark can carry around and change into on the fly. Not as powerful as the others and limited flight capability.

And you can’t miss The War Machine, the heavy weapons systemin the movie which is a Mark III platform modified with the biggest guns mounted on it you can imagine(In the comics its designed by Tony Stark)

Another new movie due soon and a Marvel Superhero, Thor the God of Thunder. This is based on Chris Hemsworth as Thor for the movie due out April 17th this year (not long now!!!)

What detail! I can only assume this work is done by a lover of the characters otherwise it wouldn’t come out so well.

I never thought I would see Blade as a collectible, but here he is guns sword and all! even has the tatoo on the neck etc…

Did I hear someone say old school action Sci-Fi? well how about one of the first violent movies I can remember watching…Robocop! Detroit city, now run by the corporation OCP in the near future, the cops are employees of this corporation. Alex Murphy, a cop declared dead in the line of duty is transformed into a part cyborg part man police officer for the future.

The Dark Knight will have to be one of my all time favourite movies, Christian Bale just does it so well. Not sure they got the unmasked batman right but its a good mould of the suit etc..

And last but not least, Tron Legacy. I loved this movie it was so well done as a continuation to the original Tron movie. I may have to buy this one, the new light cycle with Sam Flynn on it is just awesome!

These are worht buying if you like any, and something you can hold onto for the memory of that film, or the cash later when they cant be found! some might have to be bought on ebay but others can be found on the Hot Toys HK site.


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