Anime inspires reality

If anyone remembers watching the hit 90’s anime Neon genesis evangelion you’ll remember an episode where an enemy Angel was blasting away and they had no way to reach it before it could cause damage.

They came up with a way to destroy it using a sniper rifle with the Eva’s, firing took massive amounts of energy. So they came up with Operation Yashima in Japan to conserve the energy required, by turning off all the power in certain times and area’s


After Japan suffered the recent disaster the power plants were faced with power outages and used operation yashima to help counter the problem

“Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) forecasted on Saturday that it will have a power shortfall of 1 million kilowatts and that there will be a demand of 38 million kilowatts but it can only supply 37 million kilowatts due to several power plants being offline or not fully operational. The shortfall is equivalent to the power used by 300,000 households.”


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