I’ve just read a news article this morning that’s made me see red, I’m so pissed off I can’t describe it.

A survivor from the qld floods Blake Rice whose brother Jordan sacrificed himself to save him has been beaten by a group of teenagers.

What the fuck! There are few things in life that get me this annoyed but right now I’m just shaking with with anger.

What a low act, the kid who is only 10 years old has lost his mum and brother only months ago has bones broken at the bands of a group of kids….the worst part? They went and made a fb page about it afterwards which has been removed since.

My personal feelings are that they should be set on fire and left to burn in the street… I don’t think I’d piss on them to put them out… Maybe afterwards. How can you do this to someone?

I dunno it’s when I see things like this I just lose faith in people, it’s the complete opposite kind of act to what Blakes brother did. Luckily both types of people exist right?

I just hope because the fuckers were dumb enough to make a fb page that the police can find them


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