Indoor soccer

My mates and I have just started indoor soccer the last few weeks. New experience for me as I haven’t played this ever before and my last time playing team sports were hockey throughout junior high school.


Festival week we were pretty ragged, but we held it together and lost in the last minute by 1 goal…. I then found I’d nearly ripped both big toenails off! Boots gone lol so I bought some new ones


Week 2 involved a punch up when a guy decided to pick on Ben for trying to look tough with tats… Brent proceeded to body slam 2 people and then that player who made it a fight was red carded…. Unfortunately Jay was also red carded for losing his temper. Loss 4-0

Last nights game was a little better, Ben and Marco scored a goal each and we had some better team work going on despite being a player down (1 sub only) we have lost 3 weeks running but I feel a win coming on the horizon, To quote Vince Lombardi
“winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything”

Our team, Black Ops has that for sure!



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