Supanova 2011 Sydney Pictures

The video was talking all about the show, so I won’t do that here….but what I will do is post the pictures I have and identify the characters for people 🙂

Me outside the convention as Major Ozma Lee from Macross Frontier

Nurse Joy from Pokemon

The ladies of X-Men, Phoenix Jean Grey, Ms Marvel, Mystique, Psylock, Rogue and The white Queen.

One of the sickest costumes at the show, Spiderman Noir

For Doctor who fans….luckily I still have the picture and my mind wasn’t erased haha

Alien & Predator

This guys Iron Man armor was pretty damn good

The Comedian and I


Red Power Ranger

Spawn, Myself and Batman

And what the day was all about for me….Nerd stuff! haha

Can’t wait for smash in a few weeks!


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