Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows

The new trailer for the second Sherlock Holmes film starring Robert Downey Jnr as Sherlock and Jude Law as his faithful companion Dr Watson is out on YouTube!

I’m a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books and while some people weren’t happy with the portrayal I was pleasantly surprised! After already having the brilliant series “Sherlock” by the BBC it’s great to see modernized versions and fresh takes on the old stories.

This story is set to continue after the last movie, in which Holmes had learned of a sinister behind the scenes figure running crime in London, and the world. This time he and Watson will be working to bring him down.

I’m concerned as there could have been a few movies in between this with all the stories written, however in the case of professor James Moriarty it was the death of Sherlock Holmes literally. I’m hoping they’ll put in the scene with the fight at Reichenbach Falls.

Opening in December 2011



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