Review: Max Factory Mazinkaiser

Third up in the toy line I’ve been reviewing the last few months is the Max factory Mazinkaiser. Previously the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger were by Bandai in the Soul of Chogokin line, unfortunately that line is dedicated to Super Robots from older Manga/Anime and Mazinkaiser is too new for that.

So as per usual lets start with what the Anime is about before we look at the figure.

The main character is Kouji Kabuto, from the first series Mazinger Z. Joined by the regulars Boss and Sayaka and Shiro, the Doctors and Proffessor Yumi. As well as Kouji’s previous replacement the pilot of Great Mazinger, Tetsuya Tsurugi.

Dr Hell and his minions though have come out hard at the start of the anime and are smashing the good guys well…to the point of nearly destroying the Mazinger and cripping the Great Mazinger. Kouji is nearly lost in this sortie and thrown with the Pilder to god knows where.

Later we find that his pilder was remote controlled by some unknown force and is taken to a secret base that his grandfather had built whilst working in secret on his latest creation….


The packaging is pretty neat, well layed out and you can see nothing would get damaged in shipping. I’m not a lover of foam though, need a better material then this.

You can see below the figure with no accessories on it…kinda plain. But i’m just so amazed at the quality of it. Nice and heavy with a good finish. This is the first max factor toy i’ve gotten and so pleased with it.

Kaiser comes with a base stand like the others for a display type purpose, but unlike the others he comes with so many swords you could throw them for weapons rather then having to hit with them and almost not run out! The centre and tallest blade is the Kaiser Sword or Final Blade, this is one pulled from Kaisers Chest piece. The next 2 on either side are the “shoulder slicer” blades which pull from Kaisers armor on his shoulders…..The 2 smallest blades i’m not sure on but I think they actually used to belong to Great Mazinger, the ones stored in his side legs. Weird….

Close up of the Final Blade, detail is amazing and even a Z in the hilt like the series. It makes me so happy when companies go to this detail to replicate the actual characters and weapons.

Close up here of the Kaiser Pilder on the base, i love the detail again this thing has. its so small yet so accurate. You actually get a couple of this, the normal length one and then the other is the shorter version wiht the nose pulled back and ready to link to Kaisers head

The face of the robot is amazing, the grill the cracking around the eyes. THe one thing I didn’t initially like about Kaiser was he looked scary. The hero robot was actually scary. But i guess you can look at the anime where Kouji was told with the Mazinger you could become a God, or a Devil….But with the Mazinkaiser you could Destroy the Devils or even Surpass the Gods!

Here you can see the Shoulder Slicer blades in their normal setting, the shoulder slicer hilt is in the shoulder cavity in the series. But here on the figure you lift the cover and remove the hilt and attatch it to the sword.

Next up we have the Kaiser Scander! Kaisers new wings which aren’t recieved until the end of the series but check them out! they are huge. I mean seriously, holding this up as you can see in my hand is massive.

On the back of Kaiser these are attatched by inserting them into the a little hole which is well hidden under a little black as you can see here.

Wings attatched back and front, seem really oversized but so cool at the same time! they do almost over balance the figure however though lol

In the end, the figure was kind of expensive, only because its a realease from a few years ago so the prices go up. I got this in a RE-Release so the pricing wasn’t too bad but I hope that in a few years it’ll be worth something…but if not I’m only too happy to keep it as part of my collection.


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