Dark knight rises update

I updated last week that the teaser trailer is on it’s way out for the last of the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman movies, and it now is!

Head over to this awesome website to check it out


This is an intense trailer, and I think it gives a few things away which I’ll just run through now

It’ll be set sometime after the events of the dark knight obviously, but I think we’ll find that Bruce Wayne has retired Batman.

We can see here we have Gordon laying in a hospital bed near death, I’ll assume Bane was the cause…

He’s talking to Wayne, not Batman so he has worked out who he was. Telling him he has to come back, we started this together and now this evil has risen. Giving you the idea he had quit and that bane has now become a huge problem.

We can see someone working out in a prison cell, I’m think it’ll be bane who was raised in prison from a baby.

We can see batman being confronted by bane, which might be the new batcave which should now resemble the current versions after the rebuild on Wayne manor.

I’m majorly excited for this movie now, it’ll be disappointing to see them end as I love what Nolan has done with the franchise and let’s be honest, marvel has been kicking dc’s butt in the film department with one awesome film after another.

Let’s hope for more updates soon, out July 20th 2012


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