Spiderman 2012 trailer

The much awaited Spiderman trailer is out! Recently we’ve seen the images of Andrew Garfield wearing the suit and I wasn’t that convinced to be honest with you…..

But this trailer gives some hope to the rebooted film, you can see a lot in here. A young peter Parker left with his Aunt and Uncle while his parents do something “important”. The nerdy kid in high school, the lab accident which looks like a spectacular scene!

Above is the link to a YouTube page which has the trailer on it in HD, check it out and leave some comments with what you think about it. The new costume kind of looks a bit….dunno something not right. But Garfield seems to fill it out quite well, Maguire played a good Spiderman but he didn’t have the looks for me. Hopefully this new one is good with the wise cracks that we know and love from our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, cause in this trailer he looks a little too serious.

Time will tell….


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