Sunday ride with the boys

Sunday morning we headed off in search of breakfast on the bikes, but wanted to avoid the usual spots but still go for a decent ride.

Tommo suggested we try out the cafe that had taken up residence in place of frasers motorcycles on parramatta Rd, we headed over there after getting fuel and found this


It’s a pretty nice place with authentic Italian style deli for fresh foods for meals and to shop there, they even have a barista truing school!

We ordered some coffees which strangely arrived far too quick to be ours but we drank anyway…. And what do you know? 10 mins later our actual coffees showed up lol apparently there was 2 tables 21’s!


Our actual coffees were really nice, and they have a plasma tv over the counter so you can watch the barista at work with a cam facing down on his area which wad pretty cool (I now know how they do latte art!)


Tommo got breakfast, I got a biscuit (ate at home) Brent decided on gelato! Looked good except the cream


After Brent had his last smoke we headed off in to the city and back around to home via north sydney.



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