Cool Move & TV show cars

Struck by a blog idea whilst out last night I thought….what do I rate as the coolest movie or Tv show cars?

Obviously this list won’t be everyones favs though I think it will be pretty general.

The Tumbler/Batmobile

Possibly the coolest version of the Batmobile to date. It really suited well with Chris Nolans rebooted Batman films being a tank style car rather then a straight out car. If you see this thing coming you’d be jumping out of the way quick! but it was also a dual purpose vehicle as we saw in Dark Knight, and in Dark knight rises this car is set to make a come back in both Motorcycle and car formats.

The General Lee

How can anyone say this isn’t a cool car? a 1967 Dodge Charger R/T (Road and Track) with a confederate flag on the roof. Driven by 2 guys who loved nothing better then throwing it round a dirt road and jumping stuff. Enough said!

The Mach 5

Previous to a few years ago this car was only a cartoon car and it was cool, but once it hit the big screen….increase factor by x10! speeds rally and road car, equpipped with all sorts of cool features you’d love to have just to avoid traffic in Sydney lol


I’m not sure how many people will remember this one…It was a short lived show that revolved around a guy who drove this car for the police initially, as a secret project. He was a criminal getaway driver they captured and wiped his memory remaking him as a cop. eventually that didn’t last and the project got canned. He and the creator go rogue and do it on their own. Kind of a rip off of Knight rider but still cool. The car looked like a normal viper, then wiht a push of a button transformed into a high speed pursuit vehicle with great tech.

Knight Rider (2010)

This replaced my fav car the General Lee….A 550BHP Ford Mutang GT500KR. This was the new KITT (Knight Industries three thousand) and voiced by Val Kilmer. I love this car so much, I would buy one if I win the lottery!

And last up is James Bonds Aston Martin DBS, after a fling with BMW He returned to Aston which I’m quite happy about. If James Bond isn’t driving an Aston Martin is it really James Bond? this new one was awesome, the Aston DBS which was an up spec’d DB9. Would buy for sure!


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