YF-29 Valkyrie

I love Japanese culture, anyone who knows me will attest to that.

And I’m a major nerd, I love comics, gaming, collectibles, anime, movies and anything science/geek related…

Who does it better then the Japanese? No one!

For those not familiar with macross it’s a long running series about humans travelog among the stars using technology to battle off attacking aliens, this series sees colony ships looking for a new planet to colonize. The protagonist is teenager Alto Saotome who joins a private military contractor named S.M.S, and pilots one of their experimental planes defending against enemy attackers. This is not the one scene in the series but one that is from the second movie which is released in English dub November this year. See clip below for show:


Above is a picture from tamashi (company who make collectibles under bandai) show casing the new YF-29 Valkyrie fighter from the upcoming second Macross Frontier film “wings of goodbye”.


above is the fighter mode, the figure imitates the movie perfectly from what I can see. However until I see a review or get it myself I can’t tell how well… Usually the transformations are impossible and the gerwalk mode is crap! Let’s reserve judgement though shall we?


Obviously the fighter mode just resembles a plane, but this mode is referred to as Gerwalk mode. It’s the in between transformation where you have the speed and flight of the fighter, but the maneuverability of the robot.


The last and probably the best looking of the transformations, Battloid mode. This is to allow the micronians (as the zentradi used to call them) to battle giant aliens on equal footing.

The concept of these machines have been around for 20 or so years. Now the toy companies have caught up on making them work… How about the gaming developers get passionate and give us a decent game!!! Come on guys the hardware is there!!!


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