R.I.P Claudio Castiglioni

On August 17th 2011, The Motorcycling world was hit with the loss of one of its greats…

Claudio Castiglioni, Born 22nd November 1946 succumbed to illness and passed away at age 64 which is far too young in my opinion.

Building the Cagiva company up from a small parts business inherited from his father in 1978, they had many racing successes in the 2 stroke era for 500GP and Paris-Dakar races (under the Husqvarna brand).

After selling off Ducati shares in 1997 the company launched the 750cc MV Augusta F4. The company has had its ups and downs, eventually being bought back from Harley Davidson in 2010 to become family owned again.

His Son has taken over the running of the company, and will be in good hands from the sounds of it.

A quote from Claudio, and picture below.



“Motorcycles make us dream. They have different colors, they have different sounds. They have shapes that sometimes show what inspired their designers. Sometimes these creations are real works of art that turn the designer into an artist.” – Claudio Castiglioni


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