This morning I’ve awoken to a sickening feeling. While driving to work in Sydney as most people do you would have heard the news.

A 76 year old homeless man who was believed to have frequented the train line between the city and newcastle has been beaten to death.

Currently the latest update is that 2 men have been charged and are appearing in a Sydney court later today. Aged 22 and 28, the attackers left this man laying in a pool of blood…his only crime that anyone can see was using the train line to stay safe and warm (travelling from end to end) at night during winter.

Its acts like these, cowardly and dispicable that leave me feeling angry, and outraged that we live in a country without the death penalty. These 2 guys will at worst case spend their lives in prison, at best? they’ll be out in a few years and continue to live a normal life…Too bad for the old guy huh? he may have been homeless, but he was still a human being and didn’t deserve that.


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