Weekend in the city

Hi Guys,

Bit late, but better late then never I guess! 🙂

Recently spent a weekend in the city with my gf, just catching up after she’d been away and needed a night away.

We started out by visiting the comic shop on pitt st, Kings Comics…I scored with 4 out of 5 parts of the new Flashpoint series and a couple of JSA graphic novels. Aweeesoommmeee lol

We went over to Galleries Victoria for a coffee as we didn’t have to be at dinner till 630, and spotted a place I’ve never seen before! Hobby Co……How did I NOT know this place existed!!!

The first part of the shop is crappy, trains, animals etc…. boring! but upstairs, and the 2nd half of downstairs….I was in Nerd Heaven…


A lot of the pictures feature
Gundam series, which is really popular but I prefer this bad boy right here…


Jumbo machinder Mazinger Z!!! Too funny, it’s seriously like $400. Never seen one outside of Japan before.


There was other stuff from movies not just anime, like this sonic etc.. Pictured here.


There was a shin mazinger, Gundam and you can see raideen hiding behind it just lol


More Gundams, from the Wing series


Upstairs there was a massive cars and bikes section with RC stuff, check the F1 Ferrari and driver


We headed back to get ready for dinner, and caught the train down to circular key and walked to argyle st for our Japanese dinner at Sake.


This place is pretty amazing. From the moment you walk through the door the atmosphere is electric, just makes you feel good.


We had a look at the menu and while I don’t mind sushi there was a wide variety of dishes to suit anyone’s taste, we ordered some sake (I’ll be honest, it was a pretty pricey meal just because o the drinks) and sampled a few nice ones I’d never tried before.


We ordered an entree of dumplings and prawn sushi, pretty good but the dumplings were hard to eat with chop sticks lol



Mains were rice, chicken teriyaki and beef skewers. Pretty nice and filling.



After dinner we walked around to darling harbor and had desert at lindt cafe… Evil stuff!!


There was a random fireworks display for no reason we could see lol



We then walked up to George street and saw the movie I’ve been waiting years for (no lie) Green Lantern! Review up in YouTube this week

Next day we had breakfast at the rocks cafe, gotta say unimpressed. Expensive food for a bit of a wait… Good view and service but yeah if go elsewhere next time.

We had coffees and did some reading at the kinokuniya book store in the galleries. This is my new fav place!


A whole section dedicated to Japanese magazines etc…



And I bought 2 graphic novels I’ve been looking for that are out of print, brand new and cheaper then comic shops!!!


Couldn’t believe it.

Great weekend had, I think it’s one of the best I’ve had in Sydney so far 🙂


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