Batman Arkham City

Coming in the next few weeks the new follow up game to the hugely successful Batman Arkham asylum game, Arkham city.

Once again you’ll rake control of batman and beat down the villains…. But on cool thing is the amount of character skins!!!


Above there are 3 different robin skins, for the 3 different robins. Left to right, Red robin which is Tim Drakes current costume in the comics, Hooded robin for Damian Wayne (Bruces son) and finally Tim Drakes robin costume from the animated series.


A massive amount of batman costumes, left to right we have the awesome Batman beyond costume, frank millers graphic novel the dark knight returns, earth one batman from a yet to be released comic, Adam west batman and the animated series batman.

Lastly… I’m pumped for this one….


What batman would look like if he joined the sinestro corps!


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