Blue Exorcist

A cool anime that has been out this year is Blue Exorcist, or Ao No Exorcist for the Japanese title. Based on a mange of the same name it’s only available in subbed form, which is fine cause lets just admit now a lot of dubbed animes suck!

Now from the trailer you can be excused from thinking… This sucks donkey Wang. However if you give it a chance you will become totally addicted to it like most!

The story is centered around 15yr old Rin Okamura, a trouble maker living in a church with his twin brother Yukio. He’s always getting in fights, can’t hold a job and generally seems to be going no where.

His brother who’s the younger twin seems to be going everywhere though, does well at school and has been accepted into the prestigious True Cross academy.

Their guardian and surrogate father is Shiro, who seems like a kind priest of sorts until the time demons start showing up and you realize he’s an expert exorcist.

Rin is actually the son of Satan, and has demonic powers that have been sealed inside a sword since he was born. Yukio is aware of this and was training to become an exorcist and protect his brother since he was very young, it seems like Rin was the only one who didn’t know the truth.

After Satan attacks and kills the priest trying to take Rin back to the demon world, Rin is approached by… Mephisto Phellies. A play on the name Mephistopheles from German folklore and the play Faust. In public he goes by the name Johan Faust, another play on words.

Mephisto is there to kill him but agrees to Rin training to become an exorcist to avenge his father Shiro.

This series has great characters, action and storyline. I fully recommend it to all.


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