Graphic novel: Return of Doomsday

I’m sure most people will remember the 1992/93 storyline “Death of Superman”, it was pretty revolutionary to kill a major icon we all thought was immortal…

That storyline introduced the monster known as Doomsday, a monster made from kryptonian science to be the perfect weapon. He was banished from earth but at the cost of superman’s life.

I was browsing through Kings comics and found this today!


It’s a good read but a bit short (read over a coffee lol) the story starts with steel, taking on the monster, then eradicator etc… Working his way through. This is a new doomsday though.

He’s actually adapting to all the heroes attacks, and not just healing and evolving after an injury but adopting their own attacks against them!

It’s a great storyline really, it’s left on a cliffhanger into the 2nd book “Reign of Doomsday”. My first question was … Where is Superman? But apparently in the “Grounded” storyline he’s taking a walk around America trying to reconnect with the people he swore to protect. (weird)

There are some other things in here I don’t understand, such as why is Alan Scott laying near death in a bed on the moon in his emerald city, Eradicator with the outsiders? And cyborg superman hidden inside alpha lantern boodika… Hopefully some answers coming soon!

Keep reading and support the comic industries guys


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