Anime review: Macross SDF Do you remember Love

I’ve been watching anime since I was a kid, ok so a long time lol but one of the first series I watched was Robotech, a US remake/rebadging of Macross.

Macross has been running for nearly 30 years and is just freaking amazing. Macross the super dimension fortress: Do you remember love is a movie based on the series that kind of jams it all together.


Despite the age of the movie, it’s pretty good. The animation is great, edgy and dark.

The story centers around the human race finding a crashed alien ship that contains technology to advance their own and allow them to travel among the stars. However some aliens, not the owners come looking for it, the zentradi which are a giant all male race consumed by combat and know nothing else. The other race are referred to as maltrandi, but they are just giant female versions of the zentradi. Both alien races know nothing of fun, culture etc… Just war.

The SDF-1 (super dimension fortress) is sent out into space to take them away from earth and confront them.


The main characters are military mostly, but also a singer who will be remembered throughout every macross series in years to come.


The anime is classic, it’s been running so so long I’d say future generations will get to see it continue because it has such a cult following. The premise of a transforming fighter plane in a galactic war can go on and on… Macross frontier is the latest in the line of the series and that’s just as good.

Draw backs… Sometimes a bit slow especially the romantic scenes.

I highly recommend watching this, however it did come in an English dubbed version… Steer clear! It’s terrible at best. Read the subtitles, as with most animes you’ll be happier haha


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