Movies for 2012 to see

Some new trailers are doing the rounds of some movies I’m pretty excited to see I the new year!

Starting with premium rush, which I’ve posted about before but just to keep it fresh in people’s minds. It’s a film about cycle couriers in NYC, and Joseph Gordon levitts character taking on a delivery that may claim his life with some shifty government types after him.

In cinemas Jan 2012

Next up is the sequel to the action packed film GI Joe. Now I didn’t mind the first film despite being written off by a lot of people. This one sees a return of cobra and the joes being disavowed by the world governments.

In cinemas June 2012

Lastly the sequal to a movie I was a bit indifferent to… Ghost rider wasn’t bad overall but I disliked its lack of soul, it wasn’t exactly like the comics. However that aside the next one looks like it will deliver on action and more storyline.

In cinemas February 2012

More coming soon


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