In the next year it seems as though we’ll have another superhero tv show to watch in place of the highly popular smallville (which I loved)

Of late you would have noticed superhero movies are coming faster and faster into production, also rating the highest at the box offices.

Green Arrow seems to have become more popular of late as a character, appearing in numerous popculture. Green Arrow is the story of Oliver Queen, a Billionaire industrialist who was stranded on an island after a plane crash when he was a teenager. For a period of time he was alone, with no way to call for help he had to wait for rescue but survive at the same time. Queen became handy with a bow and trained himself, eventually being rescued. After returning to his home of Star City and resuming his role as head of Queen Industries he takes up the mantle of Green Arrow.

Pictured below

From DC Showcase Presents (animated short film)

The cover for the new Green Arrow comic number 1 issue

Smallville version of Green Arrow, I really liked the way they modernised the Heroes in this series. Also made the costumes more functional

Back to the series at hand, I’m not sure what story line they will take but apparently it won’t fully follow the comics. Previously on TV as pictured above Green Arrow has been played by Justin Hartley (pictured below also) and I thought he made a really good Emerald Archer. He was all the things he should be, narcissistic was done well!

Unfortunately the series won’t see Hartley recast in the role (God knows why!) but a new comer Stephen Amell from 90210 and The Vampire Diaries. He has the rough look that could pull it off but we’ll have to wait for a pilot to see I guess. Here’s hoping for the end of 2012 (Amell pictured below)


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