Earth one: Superman

Written by J.Michael Straczynski
Art by Shane Davis

This graphic novel is Superman… But a different origin I sorts.

The Graphic novel was pretty good in a slim hardcover edition picked up for around $24 at the local comic store.

We all know how superman arrived on earth and was adopted by the Kent’s. This version differs in how he left smallville.

It shows a different Clark kent, unsure of his future and what he wants to do. He doesn’t know if he wants to be a hero, but he does want to help mankind.


He heads to metropolis, gets a cheap apartment and then proceeds to go to a whole host of Job interviews:

Football tryouts for a major team

R & D for a major pharmaceutical company

And daily planet reporter…. But it’s a different daily planet, a different perry white.

It showed a differen character, almost like the superman after he was dying in All star Superman, using his brains as much as his strength.


An alien menace threatens the city, looking for a traveller from among the stars… But instead of jumping into a costume and saving the day, it takes a while… We go through some back story and how he got the costume and who this guy is… Before you see the above.

It was a good story and I liked how it was different to the usual stuff, but the fight scene was pretty short so hopefully the leading into another book.


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