Many faces of Batman

With the impending release of the dark knight rises this year completing the Chris Nolan trilogy of batman films that has just been too spectacular for words , I thought it time to look back through the men who have played the role.

Adam West 1966-1968


This early tv batman was anything but dark… Campy has been the word used to describe it. I remember watching reruns after school thinking ok cool… Then I read a batman comic when I was 8 or 9 and thought how homosexual they made the series lol it was good for its time when it was made but the dialogues and tone of the show don’t carry well into this modern age.

Michael Keaton 1989-1992


This Batman was more like the comics. Dark, haunted by the tragedy of his family’s death and shadowy. Tim burton really did a good Jon with the first movie though batman returns left a bit to be desired. Michael Keaton had the right persona for batman but maybe not so much Bruce Wayne. He had a great nemesis in the joker/jack Nicholson and this was quite possibly the best movie of the pre Nolan bunch. Batman returns saw Keaton reprising the role this time with fat woman and penguin on set… Penguin just didn’t feel right, the cobblepot aristocracy side of him seemed absent.

Val Kilmer 1995


Well I didn’t mind this movie when I first saw it at the cinemas, it had a great soundtrack, some good action sequences and the first movie appearance of Robin. Unfortunately it was also the first movie by Joel Schumacher of the batman double and it just didn’t quite stack up. It was lacking something…probably the darkness. Batman seemed too friendly too refined…

George Clooney 1997


Fuck my life… This movie was so bad where do I start. Joel Schumacher should have felt like the captain of the titanic for this sequel.

It brought in major super villains that were just wrong, Bane is a smart villain it just a mindless ogre!!! Mr freeze was too comical and Uma Therman just isn’t hot enough for the role of poison ivy.

Not to mention the bat family has expanded again, now this time with Alfred pennyworths. Niece taking up the role of batgirl… Hello! Where is Barbara Gordon? And rather then getting some continuity with Val Kilmer as batman they switched again… I don’t dislike GC but he is no batman… Bruce Wayne yes.

How about robin? He was kind cool last movie. Rather then just expand on what we saw last movie and develop the character a bit more they made him a child having a tantrum and throwing in with the villain for a bit.

Overall worst batman flick of the series so far. ( I say so far as you never now what they’ll do once Nolan and bale move on)…

Christian Bale 2005-2012



Queue the light from heaven and the music… We finally have a worthy Batman!

The movies so far
Batman begins 2005
The Dark Knight 2008

We’re fantastic to say the least. The big thing for me is they referenced source material, batman begins is essentially the Batman: year one storyline with a couple of major bad guys thrown in.

Christian bales performance as batman is the best ever for me, Bruce Wayne could use some work but he’s hardly been in public these movies do I’ll guess we’ll see how the third one goes.

Christopher Nolan is a visionary and I can’t wait to see how the last film is, we won’t be let down I’m sure. The only question is where does it go from here?

I’d like to see Nolan take the reins on a Batman beyond project or event Nightwing! Come on Warner bros give us what we want! Marvel have proven comic based films are the big hit right now


2 responses to “Many faces of Batman

  1. It’s worth your while to go back and check out some of those old Batman shows from the 60s. As an adult, I feel as if the humour and satire are much more prevalent than I picked up on as a kid. In short, it’s a work of genius.

    • I have seen some in recent years man, own the movie they released to DVD. It’s just not my cup of tea really, there is a place for it though 🙂

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